Thursday, March 5, 2015

Save Steve's Teeth

I need to sell 731 novels. By April 9th.

Last week February, I woke up to extremely painful teeth. The following day, I smiled in the mirror and noticed a portion of my gum line had disappeared. I made an immediate appointment with a dentist. I hadn’t been to a dentist for years. I have told myself that I haven’t gone to see a dentist because of the inhibitive cost—especially being without dental insurance.  But in truth, I hate dentists. Not themselves as people. As people, they are fine individuals. But I was scared. I have always been scared.

My health insurance still does not cover dental work, but my dentist sent me to a specialist, and I am in a position to lose my teeth. I am also in a position to save all of my teeth. To save all my teeth, I need an additional $1500 in my pocket. That’s 731 novels I have to sell, because my job is more of a labor of love than any kind of money-maker.

So I need your help; I need your help selling my book.
First and foremost, if you’ve read my Wasteland Series, and you enjoyed the book, I urge you to post a review online. You can post a review on Amazon, and you don’t even have to have purchased the book. In fact, if you want to post a review and haven’t read Wasteland, I will give you my book free. Just send me an email. Tell me you want to write a review.

I’ll also offer Wasteland for free to you for a tweet. If you post or share on Facebook, friend me on Facebook, and tag me in the post, I will offer you Wasteland for free as well[1]

Maybe this seems counter-intuitive: I have a need to sell books, so I’m offering books instead for free. I believe my novel is awesome though. The few reviews I’ve received bear this out. My problem, the problem with so many talented self-published authors, is that I languish in obscurity. No one knows who I am. No one knows I’ve published a book. No one cares. I’m perfectly fine with this existence, but now I *need* to sell 731 books. I need to save my teeth.

And I will say this too. If you feel moved to purchase Wasteland, send me an email. Tell me who you are. Let’s get to know each other. Tell me what you thought of the book. Then, when my next novel is complete, I’ll send you that book for free.

[1] Of course, Pay with a Tweet doesn’t work with Facebook. Facebook blocks the service, so if you tag me in the post, I’ll private message you with a link.

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