Thursday, January 1, 2015

Relaxed Blog Reboot

Seriously. This blog has been a thorn in my side for two years now.

I don’t post regularly and when I do post there is no coherent theme between posts, and I have just no idea what to do with this thing. And here it is, January First when everyone makes a New Year’s resolution that they plan one hundred percent to break sometime soon.

Blogging rule number one, of course, is not to complain about blogging. I love blogging!

Okay, really, I love writing, not so much blogging. It’s hard to come up with idea after idea, and the amount of time to put into the thing is a lot, especially for a full-time graduate student with two kids of his own, but then somewhere along this past year I realized the coming up with the idea after idea is not really much different from writing an academic paper. The difference here, is that I can be conversational. More relaxed in my writing style. Loose and wrong with the grammars. And it’ll be okay. Run-sentence? Comma splice? Fragment?


My real concern has been what do I have to say that is useful? My concern has been the “So What?” part of a thesis. My larger works are all well planned and thought out in advance. Wasteland took four years to write. Banana Sandwich is still in draft stage at just under two years now. Yellow Mountains of God, who knows how the hell, (heck) long that novel will take. The last academic paper I wrote on The Wizard of Oz took near a month to write, my thesis is going on two years, and yeah I know I used to write for a newspaper and had daily deadlines daily, but a blog has like weekly deadlines and it’s all off-the-cuff-stuff, right? Well, we shall see where this blog takes me this year. And that being said, here’s a list of my New Year’s resolutions:

1) Blog more.
2) Finish Banana Sandwich
3) Lose 10 more pounds
4) Quit smoking
5) Drink more water
6) Start chewing tobacco because of the inherent health benefits
7) Eat one raw carrot(cake) a day
8) Spend less time with the kids—wait, more time. I meant spend more time.

So, my question to you, what are your new year’s resolutions?

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