Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Top Twenty Grammar Posts: Last Post

So finally, the very last post in this blog series: the top twenty grammar errors. Before I began this series, I had a blog at Wordpress, but grew increasingly frustrated with it: not knowing what to post, how much to post, and the logistics of posting to Wordpress just seemed really confusing to me. I ignored the blog at Wordpress for a long time, ready to give it up entirely.

In the back of my mind, I had toyed with the idea of writing a blog purely on grammar, but I also thought who the heck would read it. So much grammar information and grammar bloggers already exist on the Internet, what the heck did anyone need another one for? You people have pleasantly surprised me, and I’ve managed to discover a small reader base—to date I’ve had over 1000 people visit the blog. I’m extremely grateful. Thank you Splinter4all for this challenge.

This blog is by no means over though. I’m going to post additional series on different themes. No grammar for a while! But I wanted to let you know some of the different series I’ve been planning:

·         The Story of Food: My Journey to Loose the Weight of Another Person
·         The New Dialogue Rules
·         How to be a Radical Intellectual

I am, however, taking a small break from the blog. I need to finish up two books: The Yellow Mountains of God, and Banana Sandwich. Plus, in a few weeks I’ll start my first semester as a graduate student at the University of Wyoming; starting my new job at the Writing Center as well. In the meantime, I wanted to leave you with some online grammar resources that are my go-to’s.

General Grammar

Guide to Grammar & Writing maintained by Capital Community College Foundation

HyperGrammar maintained by University of Ottawa

Grammar for Fiction Writing

Academic Writing


Style Guides

The BBC News Styleguide (because I know I have some readers from across the pond)

Grammar History



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